Nutrition Workshops

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Nutrition Workshops

Nutrition seminars and workshops are be tailored to your specific needs. You may have a small group who have a common interest or nutrition topic you want expert advice about at your health retreat or workplace. Sessions can run from 1 hour to 1/2 or full day workshops which include cooking and meal preparation sessions.

Popular Nutrition Topics

EAT TO LIVE: HEALTHY EATING FOR WELLNESS  This seminar will allow you to assess your nutrition know-how and will provide you with 10 easy ways to improve your diet, manage your weight, boost your energy level, and prevent disease.

IMMUNITY: NUTRITION STRATEGIES TO BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY  Your immune status is affected by your mid to longterm diet. Why are some people more prone to catching that cold to others? Learn how to eat to have a strong immune system to prevent common illness and what to eat when you are suffering from or recovering from an illness or infection.

EAT TO LIVE: NUTRITION STRATEGIES TO PREVENT HEART DISEASE  Confused about dietary fat and blood cholesterol?  Wondering if oat bran really works?  What about garlic supplements?  Based on the latest research, this seminar will sort out fact from fallacy and give easy-to-implement heart-healthy dietary strategies, from Vitamin E to olive oil.

EAT TO LIVE: NUTRITION STRATEGIES TO REDUCE CANCER RISK  Learn how the foods you eat play a role in certain cancers and what you can do now to help lower your risk.  Dietary strategies will cover antioxidants, phyto-chemicals, phyto-estrogens, fat, fibre, etc.

SUPERMARKET SMARTS AND LABEL READING  With millions of products on the supermarket shelves, it can be an overwhelming experience when trying to choose the right foods for your family. Get the know-how first and then we go on a supermarket tour and road test your skills. With expert guidance, you will gain the confidence to choose the right foods every time.

STARTING SOLIDS  Learn about when and how to start the weaning process, quantity and timing of meals, moving through the ages and phases of babies to toddlers to school aged children. How to deal with fussy eaters and how to prepare healthy meals for your family.

A GUIDE TO HEALTHY LUNCHES  Preparing and packing healthy lunches for you and your family and How to choose the right meals when you are out.

SPORT NUTRITION: EATING TO ENHANCE PERFORMANCE AND RECOVERY  What should you eat leading up to your match/triathlon/marathon/ironman? Nutrition strategies for training, events and post training or post event recovery.

DEBUNKING THE DIET MYTH  Weight loss strategies

HEALTHY VEGETARIAN EATING  Being a healthy vegetarian is so much more than just cutting out the meat. Whether you are a vegan, pescatarian, or just occasional meat-eater- Learn how to construct a health vegetarian diet for you and your family, and how to ensure you get the right nutrients to power your through the day.