Nutrition consultations

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Member of the Sports Dietitians Australia

Ai Jerome provides one-on-one nutrition counseling and meal planning for clients for the following conditions or special needs:




Sports nutrition for pre and post event hydration/carb loading/ weight muscle gain/weight loss

Healthy Eating

sydney nutrition diabetes

Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, Impaired Glucose Management


Heart Health Nutrition: High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, and Weight Management










Nutrition advice for vegetarian and vegan diets








Sydney Nutrition

Nutrition for Women’s health, PCOS and hormonal disturbances

Nutrition management for pre and post lapband, sleeve and Roux-en-Y (bariatric) surgery.

Nutrition for Pregnancy, Pre/post Natal, Lactation and food allergy


Healthy Eating for Elderly and Malnutrition management.

Nutrition for wound healing and surgical recovery

Medical conditions requiring Nutrition interventions E.g. Nutrition for Enteral Feeding: PEG, TPN, Naso-gastric feed Management









Nutrition Consultations with Dietitian Ai Jerome

How do nutrition consultations work?

Initial consultations (60-90 minutes)
In your first consultation, Ai takes the time to get the full picture on your current health status and takes into consideration all the factors which has led you to this point in time.
Information such as full medical history, drug and supplement history, weight history, anthropometry and skin folds (if required), daily habits and eating patterns.
From here, Ai conducts a nutrition and diet assessment and gives education/tips as well as an individualized eating plan to suit your lifestyle and nutrition requirements according to your health goal.
Initial review (45-60 mins)
In your second consultation, Ai reviews your progress and makes any necessary adjustments to your plan. Further nutrition education and tips to help you along the way.
Subsequent reviews (15-30 mins)
Progress reviews on your current plan and health goals and how it is working with your current requirements. Adjustments, further information and tips to keep you motivated and on track.
Nutrition assessments and treatment plans can be communicated to your specialist, doctor, health practitioner by email, when required.
Ai recommends at least 3 consultations with in a 6- 10 week period to ensure that you are well equipped to achieving your health goal. This allows for any necessary adjustments to be made as your body and metabolism changes over the weeks of nutrition intervention and beyond.