Sports Nutrition

Nutrition for performance

Nutrition for sports can be quite specific. It depends on the  type of training (weights, power sports, ultra/endurance sports) frequency of your training, the intensity, the duration of sessions and the stage of your training. 

Whether you are training for an event in the future, or have a specific goal in mind, Ai takes into consideration all these factors as well as your metabolic status (e.g. adolescence, rehabilitation after injury, post natal etc), special dietary requirements such as food intolerances or conditions, and  your lifestyle in order to structure your plan. 

At your initial consultation, we will identify the performance outcomes that you need to achieve, such as:

– reduction in body fat mass using current Skinfold assessment and body fat percentage

– improved power to weight ratio
– making weight
– Hydration and maintenance of energy levels and fluid balance during competition

Your eating patterns will be analysed, as well as your usual nutritional and fluid intake during exercise and/or competition.

Based on your energy requirements, training schedule and performance levels, an individual sport-specific nutrition program will be designed that includes:

– detailed meal plan to achieve the desired athletic outcome
– pre-event plan that includes a carbohydrate loading phase (if appropriate)
– specific during-event nutrition and hydration strategies
– recovery plan


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