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Ai Jerome, Sydney Nutrition
Ai Jerome (Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Sports Dietitian) Masters. Nutrition and Dietetics (USYD), B. Health Science Nutrition (QUT), Post Grad Cert Diabetes Management and Education (UTS), ISAK Anthropometrist Level 1

For many people who already lead a balanced lifestyle, they just want to make sure that what they are doing right now is on track for their health goal, exercise routine, work life balance.

Other times, clients may need more specialist advice for conditions such as food allergy/intolerance investigation and management to diabetes or Chrohn’s disease.
 Just like a car, we all need a service every now and then and, as nutritionist and dietitian, I can help to tweak your diet to keep you in top condition.

While I have loved the idea of superfoods, fashionable diets and the magic bullet, science + life’s lessons have taught me that keeping it practical and straight forward is not only more effective, but less costly and easier to sustain and achieve.

I love to eat, cook and share the food journey with my family+friends and I believe that everyone should too, no matter what your health goal is.

Ai Jerome - Accredited Practicing Dietitian